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Rex Villasin helps FWC Asiapac Commisioning Services beat Serangoon iConnect

FWC already had the league’s No. 1 defense. The Serangoon iConnect discovered sunday that the FWC offense is becoming just as potent.

Wizards secure first win of the season

Capping the night was a seemingly one-sided game in favour of the Wizards against Team Cebu, ending the night with the score 84-62, in favour of the Wizards.

Arsenals overwhelm Cebuanos

In a gruelling attempt to clinch the second game, the Arsenals triumphed over Team Cebu in Game 2. Leading the scoreboard was Rodel Vergara from Arsenals with 24 points

PinoySG Basketball is Back!

More than a simple pastime, basketball is a Filipino passion. This can be observed in practically ever y barangay in our country, where the courts are always populated by players who are looking to step up their game. Though they may be far from home, the Filipinos in Singapore are not far behind when it [...]

Serangoon Lasap Pinoy dethrones CSM Supers

The championship was the first for Serangoon Lasap Pinoy. Now, they are no longer the best team to never win a Championship.

16 Teams Qualified for 3rd Season’s Quarter Finals

This time, expect more intensive and more heartstopping games as the knock-out game starts.